Reset Beauty Expert Series: Kelsey Hake

For the next couple of weeks, Reset MedSpa is excited to share with you a Beauty Q&A with our skin care experts. Today, we are sharing our first Q&A with Esthetician, Kelsey Hake. Kelsey shares all, from her skin troubles as an adolescent and how she overcame them, to her tips for a simple morning routine, while still feeling and looking your best throughout the day.

Kelsey Hake, Licensed Esthetician

What inspired me to get into skin care…

I have struggled with acne all my life. I didn’t want to take harsh medication for clearing up the problem. I was worried about my health if I did—so I knew there had to be a way to balance the body and skin without it. Growing up, my skin was a mess. The sense of embarrassment during grade school and high school was always a struggle for me. Potions and lotions worked for a little, but then a flare-up would start and I was put back to square one. I tried everything.

Peaking my interest from an early age, I started exploring skin care. What was in it, how it was made, why different items were added and how it affects the skin’s natural process. When I became certified as a skin therapist I quickly realized my passion for the field. I learned that certain skin procedures in coordination with medical grade products can literally change the way your skin develops, reversing signs of aging, and reformatting the skin to find balance. I knew I could help people
who had similar issues develop healthier skin by setting them up with a great skin regimen.

When it comes to skin care we often forget…

I love this question. First and foremost, you must remember there is no magic pill. Acne, pigmentation, or whatever the issue is, is not developed overnight. A regimen for anyone is key. 35% of any service that you receive in a spa or a medical office starts with you at home. It prolongs your treatments and helps your skin when you can’t get in to see your dermatologist monthly.

Remember, every skin problem is unique and needs to be treated differently. Consult with a s
kin care expert to learn what products are best for you. Start with a cleanser that is recommended for your skin type and don’t forget the toner as it balances the PH of your skin. (Beauty Tip: Use a toner that contains no alcohol, as alcohol can strip the skin of natural oils.)

And I tell our clients to avoid…

I would love to say the sun, but that isn’t it. When setting up new regimens for patients, I tell them to avoid skin “treatment” creams and facial masks.  I setup a very basic regimen for patients for at least a month. Once the skin becomes stable and we understand what the real problems are, then we can add different serums and lotions to help treat the problems.

My morning beauty routine…

Since I have two kids, we are usually running out the door.

I like to keep my routine simple: cleanser, toner, vitamin C, hydrating serum, and last but most importantly, moisturizer.

My moisturizer has sunscreen in it for daily protection. (Beauty tip:  If you want your makeup to sit great, make sure you are always moisturizing even if you’re a bit oily.) Moisturizer is developed to protect the first couple layers of skin. Different products have different sized molecules to help with different elements of the skin. Moisturizing molecules are usually larger and sit on the surface to protect the skin. The top layers of your skin break down, overturn and fall off, so moisturizing is a must. Even if you have acne, moisturizing should be done daily. Oil is produced deep in the skin— not on the surface. So helping the skin through the overturning process for any skin type is key.

For dehydrated or dry skin I recommend…

Figuring out how to know if we have dehydrated skin can be confusing for many of us. Dehydration comes from within the skin, so skin may not be cracked or flaky, but you may just feel a tightness within the skin. The unappealing looks that occur in skin such as sagging, crow’s feet, etc. are often caused by dehydration.

Using a hydrating product such as our hydrating serum (hyaluronic acid) is a liquid serum that is great for treating dehydrated skin. It is not a moisturize though, there’s a big difference. HA5 from Skin Medica is my favorite. Hydrating works best when used before moisturizer because the molecules in the serum are smaller in size and are designed to penetrate the skin to get to the source of the problem. Medical grade hydrating serums are in their purest form and can be purchased at medical offices. Always remember, the more hydrated your skin is, the better you’re going to age.

A beauty afternoon pick-me-up…

I am going to repeat a little here from above: Hydrating Serum!  This product is like a tall glass of water for your skin. Skin that may look tired, or dehydrated can look renewed within seconds. It’s not too heavy and is a great boost for a long-lasting glow into the evening.

What’s in my bag…

I have a few essentials that I love.

  1. My Intellishade SPF 45 by Revision. This item is a staple. Known for its great coverage, deep hydration level, and UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage, it is a must have.
  1. Revox 7 by Revision Skincare. It helps fill in expression lines, and can be used anytime of the day. Revox 7’s nickname is, “Botox in a bottle.” It also is known to extend the life of Botox. Items like Revox 7 are medically proven, written about, and doctor documented for post medical grade services.
  1. A bottle of Hydrating Serum is in my bag anytime and anywhere. Jumping into the board meeting at 3pm and looking refreshed mid-day, has never been easier.
  1. My hand cream from ZO Skin and Health, is another go-to for me. My hands are in water at least 85% of my day so I need to condition them with the best. Hands show the first signs of aging besides the orbital rim, or more commonly known as your under eyes. This hand cream not only has peptides to strengthen the skin, but has silica to trap moisture leaving the skin to feel soft and firm.

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