Describe PFD Patch

Reset MedSpa now offers the DeScribe PFD patch for your laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal requires several treatments to complete the process. The DeScribe PFD patch works to make each treatment more effective and to protect your skin during treatment.  Patient Guide named the patch the “Most Innovative Laser Tattoo Removal Product of 2016,” and we agree! If you are considering laser tattoo removal, Reset MedSpa offers the most effective and comfortable treatment available in the Chicago area. At Reset MedSpa, your tattoo removal options include cutting-edge treatments with the PicoWay laser and the DeScribe PFD patch.

So how does the patch work? The perfluorodecalin (PFD) infused patch helps speed clearance and allows for multiple passes with the laser in a single treatment. This dramatically reduces the number of laser treatments needed to remove the tattoo and shortens treatment time. The process is simple-a PFD infused patch is placed over the area to be treated, and the laser treatment is then applied through the patch.

The patch not only speeds the process of tattoo removal, it also protects the delicate epidermis. This makes your tattoo removal treatment more comfortable and reduces resulting skin irritation and post-treatment healing times.  Laser treatment can cause temporary irritation to the affected area, but with the PFD patch, this irritation is greatly reduced. Using the PicoWay laser in combination with the DeScribe PFD patch, Reset MedSpa offers a highly effective yet gentle alternative to other forms of laser tattoo removal.

The DeScribe PFD patch is approved by the FDA and by regulatory agencies in the European Union, and is only available from licensed practitioners like Reset MedSpa. The patch makes your tattoo removal safer and easier.

Reset MedSpa offers a powerful, innovative, and highly-effective laser tattoo removal treatment that combines the PicoWay laser with the DeScribe PFD patch. Life is too short for regrets- book your consultation now!

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