Ten Reasons to Have Your Tattoo Removed

Ten Reasons to Have Your Tattoo Removed

People get tattoos for various reasons and at different times in their lives, only, to regret it later. The decision to get a tattoo removed at Reset Med Spa comes from some of the following ten reasons:

  1. People often get a tattoo of their significant other’s name, and after they break up, they regret getting the tattoo.
  2. Age has caused the tattoo to fade significantly and has lost its inspiration. It just doesn’t look good.
  3. The tattoo was done by an amateur and doesn’t even come close to resembling the image requested.
  4. The tattoo is gang-related, so it is in the best interest of the individual to have it removed.
  5. The facial tattoo does not make a good first impression, and it is difficult to find a job and friends.
  6. Co-workers feel intimidated by the tattoos and one’s career may be in jeopardy.
  7. One just converted to a religion that forbids tattoos.
  8. The procedure for removal of a tattoo is non-invasive at Reset Med Spa, using the PicoWay laser technology.
  9. Reset Med Spa makes it affordable to have the tattoo removed.
  10. The confident expert professional staff at Reset Med Spa is readily available to answer any questions or needs.

Our team of medical professionals have over 35 years of experience in the medical and spa industry and will be able to efficiently give you the best advice for your tattoo removal needs and efficiently have it removed. The PicoWay is truly a game changer. It can achieve optimal results for almost every patient. PicoWay’s delivery system, using multiple wavelength technology, the highest peak power and shortest pulses, penetrates tattoo ink at different levels of the skin, picking up a variety of colors to achieve the most complete clearance even on hard to treat tattoos. See how the new PicoWay laser technology can fit your requirements by contacting our office today at (312) 939-4000.

Reset Med Spa can be easily accessed days and evenings as well as Saturdays to conveniently allow those with busy schedules to receive this amazing procedure. The professional staff will readily assist anyone who is interested.  To schedule a consultation at Reset Med Spa, they can be reached by phone at (312) 939 – 4000, or request an appointment online at http://resetmedspa.com/appointments.

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