Hair restoration

Hair Restoration Chicago 

prp hair restoration Chicago - reset medspaPRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy is an autologous, non-surgical treatment option available to our Reset patients. PRP has been used for years to decrease pain and increase soft-tissue healing following surgery.  This same technology is now proving beneficial results in aesthetic medicine as well! Emerging scientific studies are showing the efficacy of PRP therapy in hair restoration.

PRP hair restoration in Chicago is a promising new application which is ideal for men or women experiencing hair loss due to a variety of conditions.  The PRP treatment has been used for hair restoration since 2009.  PRP super-charges wound and tissue healing, making it an all-natural procedure to stimulate hair growth. Reset MedSpa is proud to be at the cutting edge of this exciting treatment option.  Most patients see results in 3 – 4 treatments.

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