Facial and Microdermabrasion/Dermaplaning

The Reset Facial

Reset Facial Chicago

At Reset, we believe it is important to maintain the healthy skin you have. Starting from the basics and customizing each facial per patient is what we do best. We realize that everyone needs some R&R time. With a free skin consultation, double cleanse, extractions, mask, and massage, the skin will be ready for the next step. We consider our Reset Facial a crucial step in the skin care process to get patients on the right track to more radiant and healthier looking skin. Your personal Skin Therapist will customize your facial to what your skin needs at the time of service.


Reset MedSpa offers the latest microdermabrasion system by Advanced Microderm. This machine is exclusively designed and engineered to fully utilize the exceptional, all natural properties of baking soda. We are not talking about the ordinary baking soda in your refrigerator. They developed a proprietary, medical-grade sodium bicarbonate crystal that is clinically proven to perform abrasions as effectively as aluminum oxide, which is in most standard microabrasion machines, without the harsh after-effects. Our advanced system can treat around the eye and lip areas as well, while standard machines that use aluminum oxide cannot.
Dermaplaning (Micro-Peel)
A unique treatment, also known as micro-peel, that’s been around for centuries! We are among the few Chicago medspas that uses this distinctive technique that reduces unwanted peach fuzz, leaving the skin baby-soft. Our esthetician is highly trained and certified in this micro-peel technique.