PRP Therapy for Dummies

This month a Reset Med Spa, we have focused a lot on one of the newest procedures in the skin care industry, “PRP Therapy.” PRP Therapy is “Rejuvenation at its finest,” and Reset med spa is one of the first med spas in Chicago to carry this multifactorial medical treatment. We are taking one more step to educate our clients with this handy, “PRP Therapy for Dummies,” presentation. At Reset Med Spa, we really cannot testify enough for this procedure, as its results exceed our clients expectations when recovering and renewing the skin and hair. PRP Therapy is a quick in office procedure that has no downtime. Our city patients often come during their lunch break and can quickly return to their busy days at work. For a PRP Therapy skin consultation, please call us at 312-939-4000 and one of our experienced staff members will thoroughly evaluate your skin and or hair needs.

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